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Friday, October 2, 2009

Movie Review - Year One

Movie Title
Year One

Set in the ancient Paleolithic world, bumbling best-friends & village idiots – Zed (Jack Black) & Oh (Michael Cera from Juno), are banished from their hunter-gatherer village after Zed partakes the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge & deems himself to be the Chosen One.

In their exile, they meet Biblical characters from the Old Testament, starting with Cain (David Cross) & Abel (Paul Rudd) and subsequently Abraham (Hank Azaria) & Isaac. They inadvertently end up in the city of Sodom in their attempt to escape circumcision at Abraham’s command. However, once in Sodom, they encounter Cain again and were once again betrayed, ending up as slaves. Unbeknownst to them, during their exile, their village had been razed and the 2 women whom they pined for, Eema (Juno Temple) & Maya (June Diane Raphael), had also been captured and were sold as slaves to Sodom’s ruler.

The Sodomite Chief Priest (Oliver Platt) however, had taking a liking toward Oh and had some real “Master & Servant “ plans for them. Meanwhile, Sodom had been experiencing a severe drought that was about to bring famine to the land. Hence, virgins were continually being sacrificed to appease the gods. Their love-interests are soon to be made into sacrificial virgins. All hope rested on our “heroes” to not only save their ladies, but themselves and the city of Sodom as well.

No surprises from Jack Black. It’s the same old thing from him. However, it’s a Jack Black comedy, so, unlike Forrest Gump’s box of chocs, here, we know exactly what we’re going to get.

The funniest bits came expectedly from Abraham (Hank Azaria)& Cain (David Cross).

A totally inane comedy for those who enjoy a non-cerebral escape from our dear friend Jack Black. However, it made it a little different from other comedies as it incorporated and spoofed Biblical characters. Of course, the movie is rife with anachronism as the timelines are all jumbled up.

The make-up for Platt was so heavy in here that you can hardly recognize him in this movie. As this is not a G-Rated movie, there are quite a few racy & suggestive scenes.

Rating: 5/10

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