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Friday, November 13, 2009

Movie Review - Man of the Year

Movie Title
Man of the Year
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller

The movie is about Tom Dobbs, a comedic host of a US political talk show, decides to run for precidency one day when a spectator suggests that he does so. He goes in as an independant candidate and campaigns around US. In the end, he wins the election and becomes the next President of the United States. Trouble is that he only won the presidency because of a computer glitch which was discovered by a Delacroy employee. She seeks him out to tell him the truth, but what would he do with the information when he gets it?

When you have Robin Williams in a show you know it’s gonna be funny. Robin does a good job as a talk show host who’s funny and to the point at the same time. Laura Linney has successfully portrayed her character as a jumpy, undecisive and awkward character but with a touch of determination to add to her character. The chemistry between the two main characters is there but it’s very mellow. On the other hand, this is more of a comedy and drama type of movie. Christopher Walken who plays Jack, Tom’s manager has done a good job as the supporter and a sort of motivator for the main character.

The movie was enjoyable, I laughed a lot at the political humour that was in the movie. You don’t have to be a US citizen to understand the political references. There were some thriller and suspense parts that really got me at the edge of my seat. I was wondering if it was a thriller movie somewhere in the middle of the movie because of certain scenes. It’s a simple story but emphasizes the need to be honest throughout the movie and the ending was satisfactory.

Rating: 8/10
Guest Reviewer: Amanda Chua

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