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Monday, March 15, 2010

Comic Review - Fall Of The Hulks - Alpha

Fall Of The Hulks - Alpha
Publish Date/Year
Creative Team
Jeff Parker & Paul Pelletier

Hulk’s nemesis, the Leader together with the smartest villains in the Marvel Universe – Mad Thinker, Red Ghost, Egghead (replaced by MODOK after his death in his final encounter with the Avengers), The Wizard, and Dr. Doom – collectively known as the Intelligencia – assemble the knowledge & artifacts scattered across the Marvel Universe Earth (including Wakanda and Atlantis) through the years to eventually form the legendary Library of Alexandria. Many major Marvel events are retrofitted, albeit not necessarily seamlessly, and they prove to be a very interesting way to further enrich the tapestry that is the Marvel Universe continuity. Some of the events that were somehow connected were:
· Secret Wars I and II. The Intelligencia somehow created a device that brought The Beyonder to Earth.
· The Intelligencia collectively helped each other and other unrelated villains time and again over the years, which kind of explains why they never seem to stay in prison for long.
· They had Betty Ross’s dead body in suspended animation.

Being villains, it comes as now surprise that at the end, one of them betrays the others and that leads to the birth of the Red Hulk (Rulk).

I maintain that Pelletier is still one of those unassuming & under-appreciated artists who consistently deliver solid good quality art that conveys much power and subtlety in his story-telling. Although I believe his consistent work is surely winning over many and has a steadily growing fan base!

Additional Comments
With the brief retelling of the Intelligencia members’ origins, readers (both die-hard and casual ones) get to jump on to the story without being left out or the need to read 20 other trades just to get up to speed with the characters as some of them such as the Red Ghost and Egghead not getting many appearances in the last decade. Readers also get briefs you on every major event that has happened to the Hulk in recent years, courtesy of the Leader. This is an excellent start to the Hulk event of the year and also for those who have been intrigued by the mystery of Rulk.

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