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Friday, May 7, 2010

Comic Heroes who don't look like Heroes (Marvel)

Every so often, there are some really scary looking characters that, just by looking, you'd never guess that they were the good guys 'coz they look so darn scary only their mothers could love them (maybe...)!

Here are a few from Marvel:

Adam Warlock
Believe it or not, this is the guy we turn to when the universe is threatened by the likes of Thanos - the mad Titan who worships Death!

Deathlok the Demolisher
Before it was cool to utter "I'll be back" in an European accent (Read: Terminator), this cyborg (Luther Manning) had already come back from the future to right some wrongs in the past!

Marvel's own version of the Swamp Thing only that who ever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing's touch!

Penance (formerly Speedball)
The only survivor from the group who called themselves the New Warriors. They basically caused the Civil War! Burdened with extreme guilt, Robbie Baldwin now inflicts pain to himself as a form of penance!

Originally designed & created by 1 of the Avengers' deadliest enemies - Ultron - to infiltrate and destroy the team. However, he proved to be 1 of the stalwarts of the various incarnations of the Avengers and even married Scarlet Witch (Magneto's daughter)!

I just love red robots with capes!

And those that have appeared on the Silverscreen!
The ever lovin' Thing from Fantastic Four
Reed Richards' best friend - Benjamin Grimm - the resident strong man of the Fantastic Four! Covered head to toe in a super strong rock-like armor/skin, he can be scary when you first look at him!

The Incredible Hulk
The monstrous alter-ego of mild-mannered Dr Bruce Banner released from his psyche when exposed to gamma radiation from a an expoding gamma bomb!

Ghost Rider
Johnny Blaze looks like a demon because after trading his soul to the "Devil" he is the physical manifestation of the demon Zarathos!

Beast from the X-Men
You wouldn't think of it looking at him but Henry McCoy is the X-Men's resident scientist cum doctor! He holds his own against other Marvel big brains like Reed Richards (of Fantastic Four), Tony Stark (Iron Man of the Avengers) & Bruce Banner (Hulk)

Nightcrawler from the X-Men
Kurt Wagner, a very religious person but ironically, looks like a demon, complete with a forked tail and 3-fingered hands & feet and the stench of brimstone whenever he uses his teleportation powers!

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