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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movie Review - Daybreakers

Movie Title
Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

This really sucks - BUT in a good way!

The year is 2019, ten years after a single bat bite triggered a viral epidemic that transformed the bulk of the world's population into undead bloodsuckers.

As the human population nears extinction,their food supplies are also dwindling.With and rationing being the norm, the vampires must capture and farm every remaining human, or find a blood substitute before time runs out.

Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke), a blood researcher working for a company that farms human blood under the leadership of Charles Bromley (Sam Neill). Edward is sympathetic to humans and was working at a feverish pace in hopes to finding a sustainable solution, but his views on finding a solution changed when he met Elvis (Willem Dafoe), who managed to transform back to being a human.

What follows is an interesting juxtapose of corporate expedience versus a personal struggle to retain one's humanity (or what's left of it), as brother is pitted against brother (Edward & brother Frankie Dalton) and father against child (Charles Bromley & still human daughter, hottie Alison Bromley, whom we last saw in Transformers 2 as the Pretender Alice.

The ending here is clearly a set-up for future instalments for the franchise.

Sam Neill is a natural at being evil. In fact, except for Bicentennial Man & the Jurassic Park movies, I do not recall any movie that I had watched where he was not evil. Totally belieavable.Ethan Hawke did pertty good as the scientist who struggledto save not just the vampires & human race, but himself as well. Willem Dafoe was his usual intensebut slightly over the top self and that annoys me as usual.

Unlike the weak and limpy Twilight New Moon (OK,Twilight fans, don't hate me for telling the truth),Daybreakers demonstrates how a great vampire flick is and should be done - by adding a fresh & unique twist (albeit entering the borders of the Sci-Fi genre) to an old and familiar concept of vampires, with hints of Blade (Vampire vs Vampire).The is no shortage of vampiric activities (such as vampiric feeding frenzies and the burning in daylightaction) or straight up action. Especially in the final battle at Charles Bromley's corporate building. It is a little reminiscent of the Matrix office invasion sequences. It's pretty entertaining stuff. I'd safely say this would end up as the best vampire movie for 2010 (eventho' I know Twilight Eclipse is just around the corner.)

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