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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Movie Review - Alpha and Omega

Movie Title
Alpha and Omega
Animation, Adventure, Comedy

It's a story about 2 young Canadian wolf cubs from the Western wolf pack - Kate (Hayden Panettiere), an Alpha (Hunter Class Wolves), the western pack leader's daughter, and Humphrey (Justin Long), an Omega (Jester Class Wolves).

Due to food scarcity in Canada's Jasper Park area, the Western wolf packs soon face off against their Eastern counterparts more often during their hunting trips. This prompts the pack leader Winston (Danny Glover), Kate's dad, to initiate peace negotiations with the Eastern pack leader Tony (Dennis Hopper - this film was dedicated to him as it was his final movie before his death) resulting in an arranged marriage between Kate and Garth (Chris Carmack), Tony's Alpha wolf son, not for love but to prevent a deadly war between the two packs.

However, the marriage is put on hold when Kate and Humphrey are taken by park rangers and shipped to Sawtooth Park, Idaho to repopulate.

The rest of the movie revolve around their adventures in trying to get home in time to prevent the war between the 2 wold packs. along the way, they encounter comedic relief characters - the golf-loving Goose and Duck- Marcel & Paddy. Predictably, Kate and Humphrey fall in love along the way and return in time to prevent the disaster.
Well, it was OK for a cartoon, as there weren't any scenes that made the viewing difficult. So the acting was competent & suitable for the genre. The situations encountered and the reactions of the main characters were rather unrealistic at best and I am unsure if this can be blamed on the acting so much as the scripting and direction. So,...

As an aside, I couldn't recognize the voices if I had not referred to the credits.

The main thing that struck me when I watched this was that it reminded me of Bollywood movies as the characters suddenly break into song & dance! Other than that, I also found the story to be rather predictable, the animation was OK, the character design seemed rather dated. As an adult, it was rather uninterestingly bland (not that I'm expecting violence or gore, but to connect with audiences on a deeper level like Toy Story 3 or Up - which in my opinion were excellent!) but it's suitable for the younger ones at home.

Rating: 4.5/10

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