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Monday, December 6, 2010

Other Bits - My Korea Trip

OK, it's been a while since I started this blog and I had kept it from being too personal except for my views and comments within the blog posts.

From this post, I hope to share more of my more personal stuff with you than just my opinions. The following are snippets of my recent trip to Seoul, Korea in Nov 2010.

Despite the superb public transport system, you can't navigate within the city without a trusty English Map!
Somewhere in the Myeongdong district, we come across the Korean version of,...what else, Starbucks!
A stone's throw away was the genuine deal, purportedly the only Starbucks outlet in the world where the signage is not in English! Of course, I cannot verify this, so, my friends who globe-trot, kindly shed some light on this matter!

Sunset at the West Side of the Seoul Fortress Wall (north of Namdaemun).

These photos were from within the Changdeok Gung (Palace)

This was taken from a stall at the Kwang Jang Market (in the Jongno area)
These were from the Gwanghwamun/Sejong Plaza area where the monument of King Sejong sits prominently.
These were during the Changing of the Royal Guards Ceremony at Gwanghwamun.
These are photos of the famed Cheongye Stream, running across Seoul City from the West to the East of the fortified city.
This is the Iconic Jongno Tower in the CBD of Seoul.
The Namsan Tower is a place frequented by young couples who place "love locks" (honest!) to ensure the longevity of their affection for one another!
This is the location of the Korean time capsule where future Koreans will probably find the recipe to Kimchi and a collection of Korean dramas.
Away from the prying eyes of the security guards outside the Korean President's compound - the Blue House (Cheongwadae)
Within the Royal Jongmyo Shrine.

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