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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best of Malaysia

Who says Malaysians have no attitude?
Here are a few of the best examples of  Malaysian Attitude!
My hat's off to this upstanding citizen (Yes, please read it with a generous dose of sarcasm). 
Not only did he (yes, I'm being kind here, it's a "he", or what passes off as one) try to rob my parking spot - as I had waited with my indicator turned on for a while - he then swoops in at the last second trying to hijack my spot. Having failed to steal my spot, he then proceeded across the road to triple park at the location you now see!
Brilliant! His parents must be so proud!
Who says there's a problem with Malaysian Education?
Innovation at its best! 
Multi-functional device - not only does it dry your hands but it tests your powers of observation as well.

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