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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TV Series - Young Justice

Series Title
Young Justice
Based on, as some would say, the comic series Young Justice, but I beg to differ and say it’s the Teen Titans. This is a teaser pilot episode for the new series of the same name.

Batman/Robin, Flash/Kid Flash, Green Arrow/Speedy, Aquaman/Aqualad (a completely new character created for the show, as he’s black – possibly related to Black Manta?...hmmmm) are all attacked by ice-based villains on the same day. The heroes dispatched them with no trouble of course, but all the side-kicks (or partners) keep noting that this was THE DAY. It’s the day when they gather at the Justice League HQ and were supposed to join their ranks as full-fledged members, only to find that they needed to prove themselves further. Speedy storms off in a fit.

Before anything else happens, there was fire at the local Cadmus Labs and at the same time, a distress call from Zatara (Zatanna’s dad) to the JLA for a world threatening crisis that they needed to attend to immediately. The JLA storms off to attend the crisis, with Batman instructing the sidekicks to stay put. But, as expected, wanting to take this opportunity to prove themselves, they don’t.
When they get to Cadmus Labs, they find there was more to the fire than what it appears. Cadmus Labs it seems have developed a super weapon (no pun intended) – the managed to clone Superboy deep in their underground chambers. The young heroes “free” him from the cloning apparatus but Superboy is being controlled by Cadmus Labs (thru some mysterious alien-like creatures) and he defeats all of them with ease.

Captured, Aqualad manages to convince Superboy that they were there to help and that he too could have a life outside of Cadmus Labs as a real person where he can see the sky and the sun. They then break free from Cadmus Labs, destroying most of the facility in the process.

The JLA acknowledges their capability and sets up a base for them with Black Canary training them & Batman as mission deployment commander. They then get a new member – Miss Martian, whose origin has yet to be revealed here but in the comics, she’s a White Martian, a different kind of Martian from J’onn J’onzz.

The art & character design are both fantastic. Unlike Marvel’s Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series, where the artwork and character design are both quite yucky (look at Wasp, Thor and especially Hulk – he looks like a green retard).

Additionally, the story in Young Justice flows beautifully and the pacing is just right. Again, unlike Avengers: EMH, where the story can get a little disjointed and confusing for new viewers.

It’s a GREAT start for the series. I am really looking forward to the series proper when it commences in 2011. DC is really making all the right moves when it comes to animated shows! 

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