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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Comic Review - Elektra Saga 1-4

Title/StorylineElektra Saga
Publish Date/Year
Creative TeamFrank Miller & Klaus Janson
Issue (s)

StoryMost of you (including non-comic readers) have heard of the upstart called Frank Miller for his ground-breaking work that include Sin City, 300 and more recently the Spirit Movie.

He is one of the very few living legends in the literary/comics world. Altho’ I don’t care much for his art work, I must admit his story telling skills (writing, pacing and art direction/layouts) are indeed awe-inspiring.

The Elektra Saga is a reprint of excerpts from over 20 issues of his Daredevil issues from the 80s. This 4-issue series lets you see how he made Elektra one of the greatest and most 3-dimensional supporting characters in comics. Here you will also see how Miller had elevated DD to an A-List character.

We learn of how Matt Murdock meets the 1st love of his life in college and the events that led Elektra to become the ruthless assassin that she is today – courtesy of Stick’s secret band of Ninja Warriors and the Evil Ninja Clan – the Hand. Elektra’s personal journey separates her from Matt but her assignments eventually lead her back to New York where her path crosses with Matt’s (whom by now had become Daredevil – Protector of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen).

Her return to New York and conflict involving DD and the Hand eventually gets the attention of the Kingpin, NY’s under-world big boss, who eventually becomes Elektra’s boss. We also learn of her death at the hands of Bullseye (who didn’t like the idea that Elektra had replaced him as Kingpin’s #1 assassin) and resurrection by the Hand.

ArtI am not much of a Miller fan in terms of his art work but as I had said, his layouts and storytelling skills are among the best in the industry.

Additional CommentsThis is a GREAT read by any standard. I had read this over 15 years ago and it is still such a great read today. The highest possible recommendation from me. If only Hollywood had made this story into a movie instead of that horrid one that bombed, we would see more of Elektra on the big screens today.

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