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Friday, January 23, 2009

Movie Review - 10,000 BC

Getting Busy in 10,000 BC
Movie Title
10,000 BC
Action, Adventure

The story’s quite similar to Apocalypto. Members of the hero’s (D'Leh played by Steven Strait) tribe of mammoth hunters are slaughtered and captured by horse-riding raiders for a more advanced society and then used as slaves for the advanced civilization’s purposes. D’Leh somehow escaped capture and it falls to him to rescue the captive tribe members, which includes the love of his life - Evolet (Camilla Belle). Along the way, D’Leh manages to gather help from other tribes whose members also fall prey to the same horse-riding raiders. Hence, they form a rag-tag team of rescuers and head toward the horse-riding raiders’ final destination (which appears to look a lot like ancient Egypt) for the rescue and final showdown. There are elements of mysticism and fulfillment of a prophecy from the tribe’s witch doctor called Old Mother.
The bit I had trouble swallowing was D’Leh’s tribe was based in what appears to be the Northern European snow-capped mountains but the horse-riding raiders went to such a lengths and dragged the tribal captives who traveled on foot from Northern Europe to the deserts of Egypt. That was quite a stretch and a bit too much.

Based on the genre, viewers should know not to expect award winning performances from the cast. That being said, the acting’s pretty OK.
I don’t normally do this but I had heard and seen some pretty negative feedback on this movie. So I went for it having very low expectations. Maybe that’s why it was not as bad for me. The leads, D'Leh and Evolet (Camilla Belle) were very easy on the eyes. The creatures were quite well designed and animated, with the exception of the saber-tooth tiger (well, you must have seen the trailers…). If you are able to put these minor flaws aside and view it with an open mind, it can be quite entertaining.

Rating: 5.5/10

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