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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Food Review - Peel Road Nasi Lemak

NamePeel Road Nasi Lemak* (Dinner only)
* Nasi Lemak – Rice steamed in coconut milk

AddressAt the Peel Road/Jalan Shelly Traffic Light Junction
FoodNasi Lemak (Chinese Style/Non-Halal)
LocationOpposite the Peel Road Carrefour/Queen’s Park Cheras

Getting thereYou need to locate the prominent landmarks there, namely:
- Carrefour at Peel Road
- Shell Station at Peel Road/Jalan Shelly Traffic Light Junction
- Queen’s Park
Once you have located any of these landmarks, you can then proceed to look for the stall that is facing Carrefour.

ParkingParking is a breeze as Carrefour and the street parking bays offer free parking.

ServiceThis stall does not offer any service. Self-service all the way.

Strictly for locals only!
This is because the place is filthy! The tables and chairs are old and the place itself is infested with rats the size of small dogs (OK, I lie, but they are big.)
So unless you have a strong tolerance for this type of environs, I’m afraid it’s not for you.

TasteFortunately, the taste is fantastic! As locals all know, the older and dirtier the place (esp. if it’s under an old tree or beside a drain), the better the food tastes! I love the sambal this stall offers as it is of the sweet variety as opposed to the plain hot versions served by some Malay Styled stalls. It also offers the mini crunchy deep-fried ikan bilis (anchovies) that I absolutely love.
PresentationThis is a moot point because how the food looks depend on how you put the food on your plate.
Typical for any mixed rice or Nasi Lemak stalls, there are multiple dishes for diners to choose from incl:
- Rendang Beef
- Rendang Chicken
- Curry Chicken
- Sambal Chicken
- Curry Sotong (cuttlefish)
- Curry Potatoes
- Eggs (fried and hard-boiled)
- Sambal Petai (Stinky Beans)
- Braised Potatoes
- Fried Chicken
Diners can choose between white rice (for those who are concerned with the cholesterol) or Nasi Lemak.

Value for Money
Pretty standard. Depends on the type of dishes and quantity you take. I visit this stall very often.

OverallGreat tasting food at reasonable prices but the place is REALLY dirty. So if you really want to try this place but feel a little hesitant about dining there, try a take-away pack! Let me know if you like it.

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