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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comic Review - Terror Titans 1-6

Terror Titans 1-6

Publish Date
Creative Team
Ted McKeever & Joe Bennett

This mini series takes place after the Final Crisis where the minions of Darkseid have all been covertly reincarnated on earth. The Final Crisis has left the Dark Side club (an underground super-human gladiator-style fight club) without its boss and Clock King* seizes the day.

*Who is Clock King? With a name like that, who’d take him seriously? But after this mini, he has gained some degree of respect from me as a villain.

The Ravager (Rose Wilson, Deathstroke’s daughter – Is she a villain? Or is she a hero?) & Clock King get the spotlight in this series. Of course the series would not be called Terror Titans if they were not in the spotlight as well. They are a group of second-rate legacy villains but Clock King made them face their personal demons so that he could turn them into real villains – not second stringers.
- Copperhead
- Disruptor
- Persuader
- Dreadbolt
The series is extremely confusing but it does not really matter in the end as the following objectives have been achieved by the series’ end
- bringing Static into the DCU
- Establishing the Terror Titans as formidable villains
- Upping the amp on Clock King’s villain-o-meter

Bennett’s art is nothing amazing as he is inconsistent. There would be panels where he shines but in others, amateurish (as is evident from the covers alone). He would be a credible filler artist for creators that are in a pinch.
Additional Comments
I was quite taken aback by the level of violence in the series as there was quite a bit of visceral killing. I was quite shocked to see some members of the Titans die early on in the series.

This Mini Series is really hard to read as a stand-alone story as there is just too much back-ground info that is needed to really enjoy this series. For instance, readers won’t know the developments of Infinity Inc., how Ravager (Deathstroke’s daughter whom I thought was a Teen Titan) ended up with Clock King, and how Static (Yes, Static from the failed Milestone Universe) ended up having a history in the DC Universe?

Subsequently, I found out that it was actually a sequel to a story arc from the main Teen Titans series. Sigh…
Only for die-hard Titan fans I’m afraid but in the future, fans may want to pick up this mini to see how the 3 objectives I mentioned above went down - if Static, Clock King or the Terror Titans make an impact in the DCU.

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