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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Comic Review - Dark Reign:The List - Secret Warriors

Dark Reign:The List - Secret Warriors
Publish Date/Year
Creative Team
Jonathan Hickman & Ed McGuinness

Nick Fury and cyborg Commando John Garrett discovers that federal employee Seth Waters is an outright threat to Global Security. Left with no other options, Nick Fury seeks out Osborn and strikes up a begrudging alliance to address the problem together. He does this by breaking into Osborn’s bedroom atop the Avengers Tower, guarded by Ares (the God of War) no less!

Together, they manage to apprehend Seth Waters. The only thing they manage to find from him was a tiny thumb-sized device. They start the interrogation to glen info on the device and who Seth works for. Seth Waters is a tough customer, so tough that even Osborn makes no headway with him. Then Osborn sends in Bullseye, with a pack of toothpicks! Seth Waters finally breaks and mutters the word “Leviathan”.

Fury then immediately orders John Garrett to take out Seth Waters as planned and then makes his escape a la James Bond – by jumping off from atop the Avengers tower. Ares, who was guarding the tower, “failed” to stop Fury’s escape.
Ed McGuinness is also one of those artists whose style you either love or hate. his style is a little cartoony but crisp and clean. He combines very modern visuals with art that pays homage to the retro Steranko style of story-telling.

Additional Comments
It was cool to see how Nick Fury can really be a force to be reckoned with, not just a govt. big-wig. He does dangerous field-work and does them in style!

The development with Ares is also interesting because it shows that there are cracks in the Dark Avengers. Possibly paving his return to the side of angels.
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