Thursday, August 4, 2011

Food Review - Decanter

Decanter Food
Fusion (Halal) Location/Address
7, Jalan Setiakasih 5, Bukit Damansara, KL
Getting there
It can get a little confusing as there is another Decanter located just about 2 km away. Both Decanter outlets are corner lots.
As they are located along a short row of shoplots, albeit a single row, the parking spaces are rather limited but if you are going there only for dinner, especially on a weekend, then the parking spaces would suffice as the other shops are all closed.

They provide very attentive service staff who are not only friendly but also seem to genuinely enjoy their work, as their smiles seem to come from their hearts.
The BBQ food wasn't marinated, so diners had to rely on the sauces for flavor. They had several sauces for diners to have for the food including:
- Mushroom Sauce
- Black Pepper Sauce
- Garlic Sauce
- Thai & Normal Chilli Sauce
- Tomato sauce

AS for the other food on the buffet line, there was nothing exceptional or noteworthy and I recall that most of the items, including the fried stuff (Onion Rings, Fish sticks, Chicken Tenders) were all cold when they were brought out.

Of all the BBQ items, my favorite was the chicken wings. They were juicy and done just right. I'll have to say that we really enjoyed the Lychee Mocktail and the ABC. The ice for the ABC was really fine and I guess that's waht made it so good (despite it not having one of my favorite ingredients - Attap Chee).

When I saw that more than half of the dining tables were located outside (ie: non-air cond), I was ok with it as the place was clean and nicely decorated with party tents and lights. However, my thoughts soon changed once I saw the number of flies hovering around the buffet line. Despite having a number of fans in the buffet area, they flies were enough to take away from the ambience of the place.
In terms of the number of different items available, they did well as there were quite a few, including Salad, Fried Onion Rings, Fish Sticks, Samosas, Rice, Fried Vermicelli, mashed potatoes, Chinese Friod brocolli & cauliflower, Assam Laksa, ABC, fresh fruits, jellies & cakes for dessert. However, we ended up not eating many of the buffet items as we didn't feel comfortable whether the food items have been contaminated by the flies.

Of course, the main reason for our being there - the BBQ! They had scallops, stingray, cockles, squid, crabs, prawns (not sure whether they were Tiger prawn though.), chicken wings, beef & lamb cutlets.

Value For Money
On paper (or screen), it does seem like it has good value but somehow, something didn't sit right with us and the whole dining experience was not as good as we had anticipated despite having free-flow Tiger Beer & Lychee Mocktail.

It was a different experience and our dear friend Tun Dr Ling (Yes THE PKFZ Scandal guy) was actually seated at the next table with his entire family, including his wife, kids & grand kids. This made the dinner something that we'd probably remember for quite some time (or until he gets acquitted). Not bad to bring that special someone for a memorable evening but be prepared to part with close to RM100 a person.

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