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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food Review - Genji (Hilton PJ)

Genji, PJ Hilton

Japanese (Halal)
2, Jalan Barat, PJ (one of the major T-junctions along the Federal Highway)

Getting There
The hotel is located prominently at one of the major T-Junctions along the Federal Highway, and is one of the major landmarks locals use to giver directions. You can't really miss it.

There are many parking choices for you either at the hotel itself or in the vicinity.

As it is buffet, a different yardstick has to be used. The service would mainly be from the food counter staff and they are indeed friendly. Some of them are a big enough sport to even pose for your photos!

The rustic decor, made from natural materials like wood and stone, conveys an air of repute & experience to the place. It brings a sense of history and diners will feel that this place has made a name for itself and you know it will be a good dining experience, but so well kept that it could contend with the latest Japanese fine-dining outlets.
You get practically the everything you would expect from a fine Japanese restaurant here. The variety includes:
- Sushi & Handrolls
- Sashimi
- Teppanyaki
- Tempura (Deep fried goodies =) )
- Soba, Udon & other noodles
- Green Tea Ice Cream, among other flavours
- Agedashi, Chawan-Mushi
- Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake/Pizza)
- Unagi (Eel)
- Grilled Salmon Head (Sake Kabuto Shioyaki)
- Grilled Pregnant Fish (Shishamo)
The sashimi and oysters are of course flown-in fresh. However, I do find myself preferring the pickled ginger from Sakae Sushi better than the ones I found here.

I especially liked the Chawan Mushi and Age Dashi there. Presented in dainty little porcelain bowls kept warm in the chaffing dishes.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Sashimi also included Sea-Bass, not commonly found in buffets, among the other usual line-up of Cod, Tuna & Salmon.

The only complaint was that during the day of my visit, they didn't have any soft-shell crabs =(.

Most of the Japanese restaurants of this or similar class/grade would have their buffets priced at about this range. In fact, some places, including Genji, have timed buffets. In Genji, the timed-buffet applies to their dinner buffet. Diners, pay a price and are given a fixed time to enjoy the food.

At RM89++, it is a little pricey. However, most Japanese buffets today are priced at this level. Besides, they offer the highest quality food there and diners know what to expect when they dine here.

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