Monday, August 22, 2011

Movie Review - Letters to God

Movie Title
Letters to God

Drama, Family

This family drama follows the true story of a young boy whose life is put on the line when he is diagnosed with cancer. Through his letters to God about the confusion and faith that come with his situation, he soon becomes a surprising source of hope and inspiration for those in his neighborhood -- including a substitute mailman, whose life becomes surprisingly mixed up in the ordeal

Tanner Maguire as Tyler Doherty, a young boy with cancer is remarkably brilliant for an actor at such a young age. He plays his role convincingly and his cheerful mood despite being sick always brings a smile to the people around him including the viewers. The way he portrays such a fragile yet strong character is believable and his childlike faith is almost too real to ebe ignored. Robyn Lively who acts as Tyler's mum also carries her role well with her occasional breakdowns and push to remain strong. Another supporting actor who needs to be commended is Jeffrey S.S. Johnson who plays the substitute mailman. His transformation from a messed up, wasted person to one who now cherishes faith and finds new meaning in life is amazing. Alot of lesser known movies, especially those with barely known actors often tend to produce stale and stiff performances but this movie is an exception.

Although the movie has religious themes (prayer, Christian faith), it is not preachy. So for those who hold other religious beliefs, this movie is just about a boy who has faith and how his faith inspires those around him. Whatever one's background may be, it is hard not to be touched (in some way or another) by watching this movie. Simply put, it is thought-provoking and possibly life changing. It will cause you to question how you respond to difficult situations and how your response affects others. And the fact that this movie is based on a true story makes it all the more believable. The soundtrack is also really great, I'm waiting for the chance to get my hands on them. Definitely a must-watch. Compared to all those commercialized trash (yes, most of the mainstream movies are just the same and have no impact whatsoever) this movie is something!

8/10 (Guest Reviewer: Serene Chua)

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