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Monday, March 23, 2009

Comic Review - Weapon X

Title/StorylineWeapon X
Publish Date/Year
Creative TeamBarry Windsor Smith
Issue (s)Marvel Comics Presents 72-84

Fans waited 20 years for this story to be told. We finally learn how he got the Adamantium in his body and how he escaped the Weapon X Program.

Logan was kidnapped by the Weapon X Program where Professor Thorton (who led the experiments), Dr. Abraham Cornelius and Carol Hines began examining Logan.

They soon learnt that Logan was a mutant with super fast healing and would thus make the perfect weapon they were trying to build. Logan's bones and claws were bonded with the indestructible metal Adamantium. Logan proved too difficult for the Weapon X Program to control and shortly thereafter, escapes the Weapon X facility. The Adamantium bonding process made Logan into the feral being we know him to be when Department H (Later known as Canada’s Alpha Flight) first found him in the wild Canadian Rockies.

ArtIt’s Barry Windsor-Smith! ‘Nuff Said.

For those unfamiliar with the name, this guy’s art is so highly revered that he is considered the person who did the Mona Lisa of the comic world. He is one of the people (along with Neal Adams) who revolutionized comic art in the 70’s. His work is still relevant and looks really good even by today’s standards. His art is unmistakable with his trademark signature on his covers “BWS”.

Additional CommentsThis is great reference/reading material for Wolverine fans and fans of the X-Men movies. It is a great jump on point/primer for those who can’t wait for the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine to hit the cinemas in May as it provides in-depth insight into the mystery of Wolverine comic fans had to wait over 20 years to finally learn.

Chris Claremont has been synonymous with writing anything and everything X-Men and Wolverine related since the revival of the new X-Men in the 70’s. Surprisingly, this was done by Windsor-Smith alone.

The great art and writing makes this story timeless and worth every dollar spent on it. Go buy it already!

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