Monday, March 23, 2009

Food Review - Rojak & Cendol Penang (in Taman Mayang)

Taman Mayang Cendol
Cendol, Rojak, ABC
Taman Mayang

Getting there
Travel along the LDP from Puchong/Sunway towards 1-Utama, the mobile stall is located at the left junction turning into Taman Mayang right across from the SS 25 Road Sign along the LDP.
There are lots of places to park vehicles as it is located at the residential area.

Quick and fuss-free. There are quite a number of people queuing for their food when I was there. Not sure if this is the usual crowd size.
The mobile stall is located below a big shady tree. They have also set up a few foldable tables & plastic chairs for customers’ comfort. Hence, it can be quite breezy. Nice.

Quite disappointed with it as the cendol was pretty ordinary. Based on the crowd, I expected these to be repeat and loyal customers. The cendol greenies were OK and the red bean was good (but wished they didn’t skimp on them as there was too little given per bowl).

However, I found the shaved ice to be too coarse, like ice pebbles. They took away the enjoyment of a smooth cendol tasting experience.
The standard stainless steel bowl.

They have the normal ones and ones with glutinous rice. They also serve Ice Kacang (ABC), Rojak and Mee Rojak.

Value for Money
RM1.60 a pop for the standard bowl. RM2.20 for the one with glutinous rice. Not expensive but not the cheapest around either.

Disappointed. Not as good as the crowds led me to think. Shaved ice was to coarse and more red beans would have been welcomed. Give it a miss.

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