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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comic Review - Final Crisis 1-7

Final Crisis 1-7
Publish Date
Creative Team(s)
Grant Morrison, JG Jones, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino, Doug Mahnke and others

This series really started off with a bang. In the very 1st issue, I was really upset to see 1 of my favorite Justice Leaguers (J’onn J’onzz) killed off in a very un-dignified manner – without any suspense or build-up. He was just killed by the villains. It was very realistic and very disturbing. He was not the only major character (heroes and villains alike) to bite the dust. As most would know, Batman is one of the major casualties of the series. However, one piece of good news is that Barry Allen (Flash) who had died over 20 years ago in Crisis on Infinite Earths, seems to be making a comeback to the DC Universe.

The New Gods of Apokolips are staging a major come-back but on Earth, heralding the 5th World (The New Genesis and Apokolips we all know was the 4th World). In the process, endangers both the Bleed & the Multiverse. That’s why even the Monitors are involved.

However, the story is too big to be contained in a mere 7 issues because the story becomes very disjointed very quickly. By issue 4, I did not quite know half of what was going on. One jarring example was how Wonder Woman became a Fury in Darkseid’s camp. These stories are, I’m sure, told in the peripheral mini series but if they were, there should’ve at least be footnotes to indicate so to help fans who only obtained the main series.

The good thing about Final Crisis is that many characters (obscure ones and including ones nobody would expect – Capt Carrot and the Zoo Crew! Seriously!) are brought back to the DC Universe in a context that made sense and that bodes well for some really exciting times ahead. Anthro, Kamandi, the Guardians of OA and Tawky Tawny (Yup, you read that right) all make appearances in the series.

JG Jones' art is flawless (just look at the covers) but as the issues progress, more artists are roped in to help handle the art chores around the middle of the series and that’s when the art began to seriously deteriorate.

Additional Comments
This series would no doubt have serious ramifications to the DC Universe for a long time to come. In that sense, this is a significant story. The story is also told in very different way from any other epics of this nature as the battles were not given much screen time. If the main series was made into 10 or 12 issues, it would’ve been a better & coherent read for fans.

Overall, the 7 issues won’t be an easy read but read it for the significance it would hold for much of the DC Universe for quite some time to come. Read it for the fantastic JG Jones' art.

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