Thursday, February 19, 2009

Food Review - Restaurant Mei Sin (Hor Fun with Shredded Chicken Meat & Lum Mee)

Restaurant Mei Sin
16, Medan Imbi, 55100 KL.
Hor Fun with Shredded Chicken Meat
Lum Mee
North of Jalan Imbi

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Getting There
Once you spot the tiny field that marks the Medan Imbi, you will see it as it occupies the prominent corner shop of Medan Imbi. It is also diagonally across from the famous Soo Kee Beef Noodles and directly opposite the 7-11.

There are ample parking spaces either at the road side or at any of the nearby open-air parking lots available.

As you can expect from stalls that operate from within a coffee shop, the service is quick and efficient. However, do take note if you are there during peak hours as that may lengthen the wait.

It is a very old coffee shop (2 shop lots) with many tables and stalls tightly packed within the limited space. However, this will be reminiscent of the nostalgic coffee shops/kopitiams that are all the rage these days. This is the real deal.

The soy sauce is key to the taste of the complete package. Excellent stuff this! The Lum Mee is also one of the better ones around where the ingredients are generously included and the gravy is just at the right thickness, not watery like some places .
It doesn’t make excuses for what it is or isn’t. It is just simply and neatly presented as the shredded chicken is nicely arranged on top of the dry noodles soaked in soy sauce with a generous sprinkling of freshly cut spring onions and deep fried garlic on top! Yummy!

This stall only prepares 1 item but they do it oh so well! However, there are of course other stalls that sell Chicken Rice, Pan Mee, Lum Mee, Siew Pau, Fried Kuey Teow, etc.

Value for Money
For either the Hor Fun or Lum Mee, both are under RM5 – everybody can afford it!

Great tasting and cheap. That’s a killer combo that must make me label these 2 as must tries!


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Steven Goh said...

wao... nice leh. wah is at Imbi? I really want to try that out next round when in KL.

JM Loke said...

Dear 沙沙 & Steven,

Sorry I didn't reply to your comments earlier. I was away on a trip and had just come back. Anyway, Thanks for the comments. I'm afraid I can't read Chinese so 沙沙, I apologise if I'm not addressing your comments directly.

And Steven,

Yes, it's in Imbi. At a very prominent corner facing the 7-11. You can't miss it. When u r in KL, do contact me and we can go makan together!

John =)