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Friday, February 6, 2009

Movie Review - Outlander

Movie Title
Sci-Fi, Adventure

Kainan’s (James Caviezel) ship crash lands on Earth in the year 709AD near a couple of rival Norse clans. However, things are a little more complicated – Kainan had brought a nasty killing machine of a beast called a Moorwen, whom he describes to the Norsemen as a Dragon. It can be best described as a cross between an Alien and a dog. The Moorwen slaughters Gunnar’s (Ron Perlman or better known as Hellboy) entire village for food while the men folk were out. Kainan arrives too late on the trail of the Moorwen, and the rival clan, led by Wulfric (Jack Huston) captures him, thinking he was the aggressor. They bring him back to their village nearby. They all eventually learn the truth (including Gunnar and his clansmen, who initially thought it was Wulfric’s clan that killed his people)
They eventually join forces to hunt and destroy the monster.
Parts of the movie will remind you of Beowulf (the one with Angelina Jolie), Predator. & even Lord of the Rings (where Frodo finds his way past the Spider’s Cave)
Most of the actors are relatively unknowns. Somehow, although this is a Sci-Fi alien monster movie, there is slight a B-Grade feel to it. Perhaps it’s the direction or the script.
The premise is an interesting one indeed – Sci-fi set in the Iron Age.
However, it’s not the best Sci-Fi out there although the CGI is quite impressive (Check out the Moorwen design - interesting), it's not the worst either but still can be enjoyed by Sci-Fi or Adventure fans.

Unfortunately, this was quite forgettable. The powers that be had cleverly left a possibility for a sequel or a prequel. There is moch potential in exploring the relationship between Kainan's people and the Moorwen because the flashback scene simply left many more potentially explosive movie ideas (like the Starship Troopers).

Rating: 5/10

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