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Friday, February 6, 2009

Food Review - Peel Road Satay

Peel Road Satay (Dinner only)
At the Peel Road/Jalan Shelly Traffic Light Junction
Satay (Halal)
Opposite the Peel Road Carrefour/Queen’s Park
Getting there
You need to locate the prominent landmarks there, namely:
- Carrefour at Peel Road
- Shell Station at Peel Road/Jalan Shelly Traffic Light Junction
- Queen’s Park

Once you have located any of these landmarks, you can then proceed to look for the stall that is facing Carrefour.

Parking is a breeze as Carrefour and the street parking bays offer free parking.

As per normal Satay stalls, you need to go to the stall to place your orders.

Strictly for locals only! This is because the place is filthy (unless you go inside the Queen’s Park coffee shop, which is only slightly better)! The tables and chairs are old and the place itself is infested with rats the size of small dogs (OK, I lie, but they are big.)

So unless you have a strong tolerance for this type of environs, I’m afraid it’s not for you.
Great stuff (but beware of the piece of fat/chicken skin on each skewer)! This is a great substitute for those who don’t want to make a long trip to Kajang for the good satay. I’d rate it equally as good. One of the best Satay places I had tried in the Klang Valley.

There are always customers waiting in a queue for the take-away satay to be ready and the sit-down diners would usually need to wait about 20-30 minutes before the food is served. Beef is a must (even if you swear by Chicken)!
The different varieties are separated and the accompanying cucumber/onions/ketupat is art the side on a polystyrene plate while the kuah is served in tiny polystyrene bowls-for-1. The only bit I don’t like is the use of polystyrene.

You have the standard chicken, beef and mutton varieties.

Value for Money
Same as other stalls – RM0.60/stick.

Have a craving for some good satay but don’t want to drive to Kajang? This is a great place to sate those hunger pangs! Go and go often!

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