Sunday, April 19, 2009

Food Review - Sepetang Pan Mee

Sepetang Pan Mee
Being dry had never been this good!
Pan Mee
LocationTaman Desa Shop Lots

Getting thereIf you are coming into Taman Desa from traffic lights at the Mosque heading towards the Hospital, the shop would be located on your left just before the T-Junction.
ParkingThere are lots of parking spaces along the roads or right in front of the shop lots.

ServiceService is usually quick but there are times when customers may need to wait for about 10-15 minutes as they have many loyal returning customers (like me).

AmbienceTypical coffee shop but clean and bright with good ventilation.

TasteHaving tasted both the dry and soupy versions, my preference is for the dry version. However, the soupy version is usually ordered by customers.
The thing about this stall is that the noodles are slightly firmer than what other stalls serve. Hence, it makes the texture quite different from what one can get from elsewhere.

The dry version tastes really good if the chili is poured over and mixed with the noodles. The cornucopia of the combined flavors from the chili, the thick soy sauce with the mushrooms, minced pork and anchovies (ikan bilis) with the noodles is a mini slice of foodie nirvana.

PresentationNicely done because they use porcelain bowls instead of plastic. The soup, served separately if you order the dry version, is also served in a porcelain bowl.

VarietyBesides the soupy and dry versions, they also serve the Pan Mee with fish paste. However, you need to be there early for this variety as they are really popular and sellout really quickly.

Value for MoneyAt RM4 a bowl, ‘nuff said!

OverallPlease try it. I personally think it’s one of the best Pan Mee stalls around if not the best.

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