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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Food Review - Ampang Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo

Ampang Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo (Lunch only)

Yong Tau Foo

Ampang, KL.

Getting there
I usually go there from Jalan Ampang towards Ampang Hulu (away from KLCC). At the Spectrum traffic light junction (just before Taman Kosas on the left), make a right turn. Go right to the end of the road where there is another traffic light junction, turn right. The shop is the 3rd consecutive Yong Tau Foo shop located side-by-side on the left.

ParkingParking can be a bit of a challenge as diners need to find a spot on their own. Altho’ there are a few parking spots right in front of the shop, you’d be pretty lucky to be able to get a spot there. There are quite a number of parking spots in front of other shops in the vicinity. All of these are guarded by their respective “parking attendants”.

ServiceThis place is almost like Chinese-styled self-service fast-food as you have to place the orders on your own at the front counter where your orders are then “broadcast” to the kitchen via an in-house mike (this is a feature quite unique to this place). Hence, you need to remember your table number before you order. Veterans also know what their orders would be before placing the orders at the counter. This is because the pace is frenetic and you do not want to be the one holding up the order line when others are waiting impatiently behind you.

Typical for eateries of this nature – pretty no-frills. It’s clean enough but don’t expect restaurant-style ambience.

TasteFor me, this is one of the YTF places in KL that is considered “up there” among the best. The pieces are smaller than my all time favorite YTF stall (at KL Chinatown). However, this place makes up for it with the variety it offers.

The Juk Jey (sugarcane) drink is also pretty good. Have to try it.

PresentationPresentation is typical YTF, ie: fried ones (fujok* & jow sui-gow) are kept separate from the wet ones. Some like the sui-gow, come with soup in a bowl with some choy sum as garnish.

* please see Variety section for translations

VarietyThe standard items incl:
- Jau YTF (Fried Tofu)
- Jau Fujok (Fried Bean curd skin)
- Sui-gow (Chinese meat dumpling in soup – but some may call them “water-dogs” loosely based on Cantonese pronunciation )
- Jau Sui-gow (Fried Sui-gow)
- Yong Kok Tow (Ladies’ Fingers)
- Ai Gua (Brinjal)
- Lat Jiu (Chillies)
- Yue Dan (Fish Balls)
- Fu Gua (Bittergourd)

I usually order rice to round off the meal but some prefer to just go for the YTF.

Value for MoneyIt’s RM0.80/pc now. There was a time when this place charges slightly lower than the other places because the pieces here are smaller than some other places.

It’s pretty decent for what would be considered a fairly healthy meal.

OverallGood value and quick service. You won’t be disappointed.

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