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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Comic Review - Fantastic Four 44-47

Fantastic Four
Publish Date/Year:
Creative Team:
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Issue (s):

StoryThis storyline introduces the Inhumans (one of my favorite group of characters I never get tired of, unlike a certain mutant team we know) to the Marvel universe (with the exception of Medusa, who appeared earlier as a member of the Frightful Four in FF36). The story doesn’t end here but continues into FF48 where my favorite character makes his debut - the Silver Surfer (and where Norrin Radd appears, can the dreaded world-devourer Galactus be far behind?).

As with any other classic comics from the era, when 2 different superhero groups meet for the first time, there is a misunderstanding and a battle between them ensues. This is no different. The FF first tackles Gorgon before they face off with the entire Inhuman Royal Family.

Crystal (whom Johnny falls hard for during this era)
Lockjaw (as we learn much later, he is actually not a dog but an inhuman Royal Member)
Black Bolt (in the final panel of FF45)
The Seeker (An Inhuman commissioned to bring the Inhumans who had left the Great Refuge back to it)
Maximus (Black Bolt’s power-mad brother)

Dragon Man is thrown into the mix for added mayhem.

This is classic/vintage Kirby. It will seem dated because these were from 1965! You can appreciate the brilliance of Kirby’s work because as you flip thru the pages, you will see how some of the great artists today got their artistic influence.

The art is not picture perfect like Alex Ross or John Cassaday’s or super sexy like Jim Lee or J. Scott Campbell’s, but it exudes a charm and the power it conveys, given the limitations of the medium at that time.

Additional Comments
FF 45 also introduces the FF Jet Cycle for the 1st time. The FF had no choice but to use the Jet Cycle (which Reed had to quickly complete as it was still in development when Gorgon arrived) because Gorgon had taken the FF’s Copter and destroyed all of the FF’s flying vehicles – the Pogo Plane and Fantasticar, to prevent them from following him while he pursues Medusa and Johhny.

This story leads directly into 1 of comicdom's most legendary storylines in FF 48 - The Coming of Galactus!

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