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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie Review - Space Chimps

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Space Chimps
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A space probe is lost – seemingly sucked by a wormhole to another universe. The space agency wants to retrieve the probe but are afraid to send humans, hence the Space Chimps. …Aaaand, because the trained space chimps are too nerdy to be the poster boys for the Agency, hence they need a chimp that’s hip & cool. That’s how Ham III (grandson of the first chimp astronaut, Ham I) come into the picture.

So, predictably, they go and successfully retrieve the probe. And along they way, save an alien civilization.

Pretty mediocre stuff. The characters are voiced by virtual unknowns (to me at least) except for Stanley Tucci who provides the voice for the Senator.

The animation is competent but very dull. Character design also leave a lot to be desired (meaning to say, if there were a toy line for them, they wouldn’t be flying off the shelves OR do you see Mc Donald’s having their pictures for their Happy Meal?)

There is 1 cute character that stood out tho’ Kilowatt – a high pitched alien whose giant-sized head lights up whenever she’s afraid.

Don’t bother (unless it’s for the young ones)

Rating: 3.5/10

1 comment:

Hippiggy said...

Hmm... I've seen the movie quite funny, but not great.. not exactly a must see but Jared being a lil boy loves it.. Nice blog btw, it looks awesome^^ Keep up the good job!

~Peace Out~