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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Movie Review - Butterfly on a Wheel

Movie Title
Butterfly on a Wheel
Category (Current/Recent/ Blast from the Past)
Blast from the Past
Suspense Thriller

A seemingly perfect family life is turned into a living hell one day when they are threatened by a kidnapper, Tom Ryan (Pierce Brosnan) who has total and complete control over the kidnapped child’s parents - Abby Randall (Maria Bello) & Neil Randall (Gerard Butler). The whole movie revolves around how they complete the “assignments” given to them by Ryan, who is motivated by revenge. However, the viewers are kept in the dark until the very end of the movie to understand the true motivation behind Ryan’s actions.

Pretty good acting from all the leads. Thru’ out the movie, there was not once that I felt bored or that their acting was unnatural (as I often do when I watch most HK or Taiwanese films).

I couldn’t recognize Butler without his facial hair & with his clothes on because I will always think of 300 (which I think is one heck of a fine action flick) when I see the name Gerard Butler. He looks totally different here.

This is one heck of a thrill ride in the same vein as Johnny Depp’s Nick of Time from some years back. You keep rooting for the Randalls at every peril they encounter.

It’s also refreshing to see Pierce Brosnan play a baddie and seeing Gerard Butler fully clothed and not killing somebody with his sword. Very good movie, with a moral to the story even!

By the way, all the 3 lead actors' names begin with the letter "B"

Give it a go. I recommend it.


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