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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Food Review - Kuchai Yong Tau Foo

Kuchai Yong Tau Foo (B’Fast/Lunch only)
I still have not found a good YTF stall that opens at night. If you know of one (or more), do let me know!
Corner of Jalan 2/116B, Kuchai Entrepreneurs’ Park
Yong Tau Foo/Jue Cheong Fun

Getting there
You may come from any direction. Just drive toward the Kuchai Entrepreneurs’ Park from the Jalan Kuchai Lama Traffic Light Junction. After the junction, head straight where you will see lots of shop lots on both sides, and on the 2nd left turning, turn left there. There’s a row of shop lots on your left. This place is right at the left corner at the end of the road (and corner of a T-Junction).
Parking is a little haphazard as is generally so for the entire Kuchai Entrepreneurs’ Park but with a little patience, you will eventually find a spot within walking distance.

Well, this is a typical Chinese-Styled coffee shop, so there is no service per se. You go to the stall you fancy and order directly from them.

The stall is divided into 2 sections:
- one for the Jue Cheong Fun (JCF)
- one for the Yong Tau Foo (where you can pick the variety and pieces you want)
The food delivery if quick and fuss-free.

This place honestly needs a little clean up. Not a place that would attract diners based on appearance or cleanliness.
This stall serves pretty good YTF. One of the better ones I would say. The JCF is also good. The noodles are pretty smooth. The crunchy fried shrimp garnish on top of the JCF is really the good stuff that I can’t get enough of.

Pretty standard. Dry items come dry and wet items come with the soup.
The standard YTF items incl: - YTF
- Jau YTF (Fried Tofu)
- Jau Fujok (Fried Bean curd skin)
- Jau Sui-gow (Fried Sui-gow)
- Yong Kok Tow (Ladies’ Fingers)
- Ai Gua (Brinjal)
- Lat Jiu (Chillies)
- Yue Dan (Fish Balls)
- Fu Gua (Bittergourd)
- Jue Pei (Pork Skin – This item is not quite standard and is personally one of my favorite items. This stall’s variety stuffs the Jue Pei with generous portions of fish paste and then lightly fried. LOVE THIS)

I order a plate of Jue Cheong Fun to round off the meal. There are 2 types of Jue Cheong Fun:
- Standard sweet and chili sauce
- Light curry soup

Value for Money
It’s RM0.90/pc. Higher than most YTF stalls. However, the pieces are larger than the ones you get at Ampang. So, a little compromise there.

It’s pretty decent for what would be considered a fairly healthy meal but it still loses out (but only by the skin of the teeth) to my all-time favorite YTF stall at Petaling Street.

The fact that the stall also sells Jue Cheong Fun makes it a solid combo stall to visit & try.

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