Monday, November 17, 2008

Food Review - Tim Kee (Taman Connaught) Chicken Rice

NameTim Kee (Taman Connaught) Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice and Side Dishes
Behind the Main Jalan Connaught, on Jalan Ahliman, facing the school.

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Getting there
If you are coming from Cheras/KL, then the shop will be on your right when you are on Jalan Connaught.

If you are coming from PJ/Mid Valley, then after the toll, the shop will be on your left when you arrive on Jalan Connaught.

Either way, make your way to the shop-lots behind the ones facing the main road (ie: this would be facing the housing area). Sandwiched between 2 traditional Chinese coffee shops at both corners, you will be able to locate this place fairly easily.

Parking is a breeze if you don’t mind walking a few more steps. This is because most diners would want to park directly or very near to the front of the shop along the shop-front parking. The parking there are limited and you will lonely get one if you are lucky.

As the surrounding areas are a residential area and a school, you would be able to easily get parking there on weekends.

Service is quick and no fuss. One unique feature of this eatery is that many of the staff members are Indian although this is obviously a Chinese owned shop. These guys speak fluent Cantonese. I’m sure that’s quite an experience on its own already.

The place is brightly lit, hence it looks much cleaner than other shops of the same/similar category.

There are different varieties of chicken. We have not tried the roasted chicken but both the steamed Regular Chicken & Kampung Chicken varieties are good enough to warrant another visit.

The chicken is presented in a separate plate garnished with cucumber slices and cut spring onions. Very tantalizing.

The condiments make all the difference as they have not only the standard soy and chili sauce, but also the ground ginger and thick soy sauce. I personally like to add some thick soy sauce on my rice for some added oomph.
- There are the standard Roast Pork (Siew Yoke) & Char Siew
- Chicken comes in the standard varieties
o Steamed – Regular
o Steamed – Kampung Chicken
o Roasted
- There are a whole bunch of side dishes including Yong Tau Foo, and vege dishes, etc.
Value for Money
High up there on value. They do not skimp on anything. The chicken, rice portions, condiments (free flow - typical of eateries of this nature) are all very generously apportioned to the customers.

This is one of the best tasting and best value chicken rice places I have been to. I remember I found out about this place from a TV program that was finding the top 10 Chicken Rice places in Malaysia, this was 1 of them. I would definitely recommend this place if not for the food, then for the experience.

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