Monday, November 10, 2008

Movie Review - Tropic Thunder

Movie Title
Tropic Thunder
Category (Current/Recent/ Blast from the Past)
(Action ??) Comedy

It’s a bunch of actors playing supposed top notch actors, in their respective genres, who are supposed to be playing soldiers but end up doing a whole lot more than what they had planned or bargained for. The movie is a little predictable but this is still watch-able fare.

I can’t really say that there were no award winning performances in there (‘cos there was!). Anyway, nothing really different from the likes of Ben Stiller and Jack Black. However, Robert Downey Jr. is completely something else. In this movie, he plays an Aussie actor playing the part of an African American soldier. His performance here almost blew me away! At times, I really forgot that this was a white guy because he sounds blacker than the real black guy (Brandon T. Jackson)!

There’s an awful lots of expletives for a comedy but if you can overlook that, there are enough good bits in there to keep you interested.

Rating: 5/10
Additional Comments

You have to watch the beginning of the movie. It really took me by surprise. It was a series of ads that looked and felt like the real things (if you were in a US cinema, that is.). I really thought it was rather brilliant because it made me think, “Hmmm, I don’t recall reading about/watching this movie”

There are lots of cameos in the movie. You will see and recognize some of them while some will take you by surprise if you are like me (ie: I don’t research who the cast is and just watch the movies without much preconceived expectations). I was really surprised to finally recognize Tom Cruise (!) only about halfway thru’ the movie!

There was too much “gore” for me in the first few minutes of the movie for my liking.

It was kind of funny to see the bad guys, who are supposed to be Vietnamese, speak Chinese thru out the movie! Ben Stiller needs to do more homework (or is that part of the joke?)

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