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Monday, December 8, 2008

Comic Review - Amazing Spider-Man 96-98

Amazing Spider-Man
Publish Date/Year
Creative Team
Stan Lee, Gil Kane
Issue (s)

The Green Goblin resurfaces after certain events & visual cues trigger the amnesiac Norman Osborn to remember that he was the GG! This spells disaster for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. This is because of all the foes that Spidey had fought with, only GG knows Spidey was really Peter Parker (and vice versa). Thus, if GG was back, Peter faces the threat that GG would expose his secret.

Harry, Peter’s room-mate and best friend, has been undergoing a lot of pressure and was on the verge of a breakdown because Mary Jane was openly flirting with Peter on several occasions (as she & their friends all thought that the relationship between Gwen Stacy and Peter was over). Eventually, MU breaks up with Harry and this drove him to taking some pills to help him “feel better”.

ArtGil Kane’s artwork has never been among my favorites. However, credit where credit is due, his art is very good, just not quite my cup of tea. BUT…for these 3 issues, I must admit that I’m blown away by his art. His and Ross Andru’s are still among my favorite artists for Spidey. Persoanlly, I think they are better than the Ditko & McFarlane versions. Yeah, I know McFarlane has legions of loyal fans who would flay me for that but these 2 guys do the best Webhead art ever!

Additional CommentsThese issues were the comic industry’s bold attempt at addressing the drug scourge in the funny pages (it is considered bold because there was a reason why these books were referred to as the "funny books" back then).

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