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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Comic Review - Avengers 294-297

Avengers - Kang Nebula
Publish Date/Year
Creative Team
Roger Stern, John Buscema
Issue (s)294-297

StoryDr Druid had fallen under the thrall of Kang Nebula and had seized leadership of the Avengers after Capt Marvel had been injured from the previous battle engagement. The line-up consisted of only 4 members: Dr Druid, Black Knight, Thor and She-Hulk.

Kang Nebula had learnt of the most powerful weapon of all time thru’ her association with the various Kangs. It was created by a renegade Celestial and is sought by the Kross Time Kang Korps. All of the Kangs know that the Avengers are key in locating the weapon but Kang Nebula, with the Avengers in her control, was always 2 steps ahead of the Kross Time Kang Korps.
Somehow, this story was a little disappointing for me eventho’ I’m a staunch Kang fan. I guess Dr Druid never really appealed to me. Plus, the Black Knight’s curse of the Ebony Blade didn’t really work for me.

ArtJohn Buscema’s art is synonymous with Avengers (and Conan the Barbarian). His art basically defined the Avengers’ look. Tom Palmer’s inking doesn’t really gel with many artists but excellently complements John’s pencils here. Great stuff.
Additional Comments
Lois & Clark from the Distinguished Competitor make a cameo in #296 as reporters trying to interview Thor when he was at the hospital to visit the Black Knight. Clark makes a comment about Thor looking better in a pony-tail (alluding to the Thunderstrike series that Marvel launches at the time).

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