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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Food Review - Restoran Choon Yien (Sect 17, PJ)

Restoran Choon Yien LocationJalan 17/13, located at a prominent corner within the Food Foundry & Happy Mansion enclave.

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FoodChicken/Char Siew Rice
LocationSection 17, PJ.

Getting thereJust head towards the Section 17 Wet Market. On the way, you will see Jalan 17/13. Just turn in and keep looking for 2 blocks of fairly old apartments. It is situated at the corner of the right block.
ParkingThere are quite a number of bays there so parking should be a breeze.

ServiceThe boss welcomes guests who walk-in (this not only makes the guests feel welcome but is also a good way to handle crowd management). Service is quick and fuss-free.

Typical of stalls of this nature – plastic tables and chairs. Clean enough that it does not really bother locals. However, as the place has limited space, it does feel rather cramped because the place is almost always full of people.
TasteThe Chicken and Char Siew are really good (but the Char Siew is not my personal favorite.) The Roast Chicken is moist inside while the skin is still crispy. That is something that I had RARELY ever had the pleasure to experience. Just thinking about it is making me salivate…
The Char Siew is good but I have had better. Still, it would be among the better ones in the Klang Valley (as the crowds will attest to).
The rice is also excellent. Very fragrant and if you look closely, the rice is not lumpy but you can actually see the individual grains. Mucho nice rice.

Presentation is good but considered quite standard for fare of this type.

They offer the standard items incl:
- Chicken
- Char Siew
- Siew Yoke

Value for Money
We ordered a plate of Chicken and Char Siew for 2 people and we were charged RM17. I felt that it was a little steep for what we got as I was expecting it to perhaps come to RM14. The portion was not really generous and more than ½ of the plate was covered with bean sprouts and cucumber (please refer to the photos.)

Really good food here, as the crowds can attest, but falls a little short on value. If you have not been here, I recommend that you check it out.

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