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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Comic Review - Ultimates III

Ultimates III
Publish Date/Year
Creative Team
Jeph Loeb, Joe Madureira
Issue (s)

Things are not looking good for the Ultimates as they deal with one crisis after another. First, racy videos of Tony & Natasha’s bedroom romps have surfaced and have circulated to the public, driving Tony back to the bottle. Then, they are attacked by Venom at their Mansion, followed by an assassination of Wanda. All of these happen in the 1st issue.

Jeph Loeb is a master at creating cliff hangers at the end of each issue. He keeps you hooked and makes you want to grab the very next issue immediately.

Many of the Marvel Universe characters such as Unus (Yeah, I can hear someone saying “who?...”), Madrox, Wolvie, Kazar & Shanna (and when you see these 2, you know you’re in the Savage Land), Spiderman, Valkyrie, Lorelei, Mystique, Magneto and his Brotherhood, Dr Doom, & Ultron have been thrown in to make this 5-issue series a true visual treat for newbies and veterans alike.

Anyway, the story basically revolves around how Ultron was manipulating events in the Ultimate Universe by using the Ultimates and Mutants to accomplish his goal of obliterating non-machine life on Earth. Question is, where does Dr Doom fit into all of this?

Super sexy art from Joe Mad! If you like Joe’s art, you know what to expect. I have always loved his work since his early Uncanny X-Men days. He has pioneered the unique & un-mistakable pseudo-manga style that makes him 1 of my all time favorite artists. The only problem is that he doesn’t produce many books these days. Hence, this series is a real treat for fans of his work.

Additional Comments
This 3rd series doesn’t quite measure up to the earlier series by Millar & Hitch. Altho’ there are lots of things happening in the 5 issue series, the pacing is too quick and doesn’t allow the reader to really sink their teeth into it.

Perhaps this is caused by Joe’s speed in delivering his artwork (anybody remember Battle Chasers?) Hence, I would have likes the series to have been made into 8 – 10 issues where we get to savor Joe’s art and the development of the characters more.

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