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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Food Review - Pulau Ketam Village Steamboat - Cheras

NameP Ketam Village Steamboat - Cheras (Dinner)
LocationOpposite Taman Midah, Cheras

Getting there
As you head towards Cheras along Jalan Cheras from KL, the left turn just before the Roundabout that connects with the MRR2 (or U-Turn back to Taman Midah) is the turning into this place. Once you turn in, there is a whole block of new shop-lots facing Jalan Cheras and the Roundabout. This one is right at the end of the block on the left. You can’t miss it.

Parking is fairly easy as there are lots of shops there, and parking lots allocated for them.

ServiceThe service is of the no-frills variety. Fairly quick & standard. The staff is quite prompt in refilling the steamboat with the broth when we ask for it.

Common for shops of this nature. As it is quite new, the cleanliness level is quite good. The tables are covered in red cloth and each table has a tea-pot stand.

As with all Steamboat places, there is a gas powered stove in the middle for the steamboat. Diners are each given an individual plastic bowl and plate for the meal, complete with a metal scoop.
The tea is served in the familiar brown porcelain 2L tea pot and white porcelain cups.

Taste & Variety
There is no special item unique to this restaurant. The items contained in the package are standard items that you will find at any other steamboat place or from the supermarkets. Hence, the taste is no bad, but nothing to take note of either. The Steamboat however has 2 types of soup/broth – the normal clear broth and the tom yam variety.
Value for Money
We took the RM16/person package but the items are so few that I feel that the shop really took the diners for a ride. Look at the photos. For RM16/ person, what each person got was 1 piece of 5 types of fish/meat balls plus a few pieces of fu-jok, yam, raw chicken meat and vege.

I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend anyone to go there at all.

OverallDon’t bother. There is nothing this shop can offer you can’t get anywhere else for significantly less money.

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