Thursday, May 7, 2009

Food Review - Ho A One Seafood Steamboat (Fish Head/Paste Noodle)

Lactose, for this, I will tolerate you!

NameHo A One Seafood Steamboat - Fish Head/Paste Noodle
FoodFish Head/Paste Noodle (Lunch only)
Taman Desa

Getting thereI would classify that there are 4 shop-lot clusters in Taman Desa:- The cluster near the Hospital/Bomba (Fire Brigade)- The cluster at Telekom Malaysia/Faber Towers- The cluster near Danau Desa Police Station- The cluster near Shell StationThis place is tucked neatly away in the newer area of shop lots near the Shell Station cluster.

In fact, this one is prominently located directly at the corner where the traffic lights are. You can’t miss is because it has a huge BALI BALI Massage Centre billboard on top of the shop.

ParkingThere are ample parking bays around the shop-lots.

ServiceService is always Prompt as there are many service staff members (easily identifiable by the Ho A One t-shirts they all wear.) there. There are 2 order takers, one for the food and another for the drinks.

However, on weekends especially, you may need to wait for a seat as the place is usually packed. To avoid disappointment, you need to ensure that you get there before 12pm. This is because there were occasions where I had to leave the place because they had simply sold out!
AmbienceThe place offers typical coffee shop ambience but is very clean, well-lit and has good ventilation. This provides a very comfortable experience for customers (except for when they are waiting for you to finish to take your seats!)

TasteI was never a fan of Fish Head Noodles (FHN) in any of its incarnations but this place also offers Fish Paste Noodles (FPN). I love FPN. This place serves it in the FHN soup, thus making it rather unique. Moreover, customer are given a choice whether they want the soup with or without milk. My preference is with the milk option but for the lactose intolerant or for those who (like me, but I have learnt to enjoy it) simply cannot fathom the concept of having milk with their noodles, may opt for the milk-free version.

PresentationVery nicely done I must say. They serve ALL of their food in big porcelain bowls.
VarietyThe noodles come in 2 sizes – Regular and Large (read: HUGE). I have so far only ordered the regular version, and that is a big enough bowl for me.

Besides FPN, they also serve the FHN in 2 varieties:
- Raw fish head
- Fried fish head

Value for MoneyRegular bowl goes for RM6.50 and the big one at RM8.00.

OverallVery good FHN/FPN. I’d say it’s a must try.

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