Friday, May 29, 2009

Food Review - Hasan’s Rojak & Cendol (Paramount Garden)


Hasan’s Rojak & Cendol
Hmmm, I wonder…
Paramount Garden PJ

Getting there
Coming from the direction of Section 19 towards Paramount, you will see the Shell Station on your right just before the KFC outlet at the traffic lights junction. Make a right turn immediately after Shell Station. The stall (van) is right at the end of the street junction.

In the vicinity of the Shell Station and the shop-lots there, there’s ample parking.

Quick and fuss free – the way we like it. There is always a queue at this stall. We walked past it when we headed for lunch nearby and when we returned for desert, there were still people waiting to take-away their orders.

It’s a van under the sun, with a few plastic chairs at the corner of a street next to an open drain. However, I have to say the place is surprisingly clean and free from any odor eventho’ from my description, the place may seem a little unsavory.

The Rojak tastes short of heaven. It’s pretty good but there are others that are better. The sauce is thick and the color & aroma from it makes the dish almost impossible to resist. Slightly sweet and not too spicy – Yummy. I had mine with sotong (cuttlefish) and requested for the tentacles. The sotong did not really add much to the experience and is not a must unless you are a sotong fan.

The Cendol here is served with, oddly enough, corn. Hence, this Cendol incarnation slightly resembles more ABC than other incarnations. However, as incongruent as it may seem, it didn’t take away our enjoyment of the desert. The shaved ice was not as distracting as the one in Mayang (, eventho’ it’s also fairly coarse here.

The Rojak looks divine (check out the pix). The thing that took me by surprise was the “branding” that appeared after you finish the dish (see pic). It’s reminiscent of the time when we were kids and when we finish our food, Ultra-man or Mickey Mouse would appear at the bottom of our bowl/plate.

The Cendol however, were served in Styrofoam bowls (I would have preferred if they were served in the more common stainless steel bowls).

Typical of stalls of this nature, they serve Indian Rojak & Cendol. While some stalls also serve ABC, it was not on the menu here.

Value for Money
Pretty standard for both the Rojak and Cendol.

Much, much better than the one at Mayang. I would definitely return for more. I would recommend a try.

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